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1980 Murray Baja 26

1980 Murray Baja 26

CW stickered up Murray Baja 26

I bought the frame here on the site for $98 from another member, (sorry, I can't remember who) back in October... It came all stickered up like a CW, so I left it alone, and just built it up... I didn't have any forks for it, so I used some mountain bike springer type threadless forks, and an un-used headset I had in a pile of parts... It turned out SWEEEETTTT!!! This bike rides like a DREAM!!! I only got to ride it twice before a friend saw it and had to have it!!! I figured when I told her it was going to be $300, she would go out and buy a Wal-mart ride, but NOOOOOO, she had to have this one, and handed over $300 cash without blinking an eye... This is my very first non 20" build... I bought a standard steel wheel set and blue cruiser tires from the boys down at MOTIV8 Bikes and Boards, and took the rest of the parts from my parts locker... ThanXXX for looking!!! PLEASE COMMENT!!!

Submitted by ritchiecamaro

  • All-Around
  • Company: Murray
  • Model: Baja
  • Wheel Size: 26"
  • Headtube size: 1"