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1985 MT Racing The Fox

1985 MT Racing The Fox

I believe this was the top of the MT Racing 'Fox' range.

Picked up this bike on ebay. Only the Frame, seat and seatpost were original to the bike, but a few of the other parts (suntour stem and tange headset) were good enough to keep for the resto. It's finally finished and almost completely to factory spec.

1985 MT The Fox (with cr-mo frame and forks).
Araya 7x 1.50 rims. Re-annodised & polished.

Cheng Shin tyres.
NOS black Suzue hubs.
NOS Kuzuki WIN 28" Straight bars.
Suntour stem.
Unbranded headset with Tange headset lock.
Fuan F1 style grips.
Chang Star MX1000 type brakes with Chang Star Tech 3 style levers.
Original MT racing seat.
Original MT Racing layback seat post.
Suntour copy seat clamp.
Sugino 175mm cro mo 1 piece crank (re chromed).
NOS Sugino 43 tooth chain wheel.
Sugino power disc.
NOS Victor beartrap pedals.
NOS unbranded bottom bracket.
Original padset was worn, so new repro set made.

Same goes for original decals, so repro set made.

Max Star number plate, with MT decals applied.

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