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Info from an email:MT does stand for "Ming Tien", but that's not because of where they were located.  Ming Tien Hang was the name of the company and they were located in Taipei, Taiwan and started in 1975.  The "MT Racing" brand started up in 1982, not 1983, and they started using that brand to inagurate when they went from rebranding other factory's bikes to manufacturing their own in their own factory in Houli, Taiwan. They weren't only sold through ads in BMX Magazines, as the current summary states.  In fact, one of their biggest distributors was (the now defunct) Bike Brokers in Ft. Myers, FL.  That's where most shops got their supply of MT Racing product (including the shop I had).  Ming Tien Hang DID NOT go out of business in 1987.  In fact, they are still in business today (although they're not doing well).  They found that they could sell more units manufacturing bikes for companies like GT, Schwinn, Scott, etc. so they tapered off using the MT Racing brand outside of Taiwan when the 90's came around.  In 1999 when labor in Taiwan got too expensive and most manufacturers went to China, MT Racing decided to go to Vietnam to open a factory.  There they opened up the Dragon Bicycle Factory.  There, they started making 7000 Series aluminum frames as well as CroMo.  Unfortunately, duty fees and some lawsuits against Vietnamese factory owners claiming that product is being "dumped" are now countering lower labor costs and the shitty economy isn't helping much either, so last I heard (late 2009) they were looking to lease the factory to someone (either that or shut it down completely I guess).  MT Racing's main office is still in Houli, Taiwan, but they handed the keys to the factory over to the banks back in 2006. The guy who started MT Racing and owns (owned?) Dragon Bicycles is Sammy Pai and his email is

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