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1985 Motobécane Diffusion

1985 Motobécane Diffusion

Motobécane sold by a Peugeot dealer in Colmar

A nice & chrome motobécane from the last year it becomes MBK . I was the second owner of the Bike , purchase to the original buyer . The particularities of the bike are special padset and special decal set . The first owner bought it in Colmar in 1985 , on a Peugeot dealer . It could be a german model or a export model . I sold this bike a few month ago. 

Frame & fork motobécane (mx300?) 
Wheels star-x 
Espace handlebar
Brakes mx1000 polygone
Levers mx polygone 
Stem pro class 
Seat bmx
Pedals VP

Submitted by Charlymartin92