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1975 Moto Pro SuperStar

1975 Moto Pro SuperStar

Moto Pro Super Star built with all original finishes. This is the only one to surface with the original stickers and paint! (Sold)

1975 MotoPro
Nice original MotoPro SuperStar
Only example known with original paint & stickers
This bike is built with all original finish parts

Frame - MotoPro SuperStar Frame original paint & stickers
Fork - MotoPro Original chrome & stickers
Stem - Ashtabula
Grips - Oakley Copies
Bars - A&A Box Bars original paint
Seat Post - Steel
Seat Clamp - Schwinn
Seat - Quilted Vinyl
Rims - Araya Chrome Box
Rear Hub - Shimano Coaster
Front Hub - Chair Chrome
Front Tire - Chen Shin C-183
Rear Tire - Cheng Shin C-183
Sprocket - Unknown
Cranks - Ashtabula
Pedals - Union Rat Trap
Chain - D.I.D.
Pads - Black Snap Vinyl

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