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1999 Morales Flatland

1999 Morales Flatland

thanks to member polanco I now have a yellow MORALES flatland bike. it will be my new main rider! have not desided on parts yet but as you can see from pic's. It is allmost a rider. right now it has hoffmam love handellbars, stander industry forks,2 hip stem,gt epoch head set ,DIA-COMPE tech 990 rear brakes,DIA-COMPE nipon frunt brake ODYSSEY GYRO,DIA-COMPE tech77 levers ,VELO seat,DYNO sprocket SR 170mm 1PC cranks,GT Bottom bracket,haro zippo seat post.kolloy muntian bike seat clamp,have not desided on wheels yet have four pair of freecoaster wheel set's! but not sher if I will use them or a nother brand? what do you think of bike so far.will up date pic's as parts come in for the build.paint is trashed but that ok will trash it more learning new tricks!!  added /  changed the bars to Graveyard bars in chrome and a graveyard polished alloy sprocket, it also has a alex tripel high wall crome rim. with fishbone 14MM axle freecoster hub! frunt fish bone is on the way mabey? 

I desided to go rast on it and swaped to grave yard bars and Grave Yard sprocket. its still a work pile/ un dune bike.


  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Morales
  • Model: Flatland
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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