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1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian

Another RAD Cru Jones Replica

Hello Fellow Members,

     Here is my second build in the last few months albeit the third I've added to the museum. As a lot of us do, I wanted to have a Cru Jones / RAD replica bike in my stable. I use the word "replica" because this is not a "tribute bike" or a bike dressed up RAD-like. I wanted this bike to be as close to the movie bike as I could get it. The only things that I am not happy with at this point is the color of the seat and the frame pad is black foam, not red (yes, I know that's anal but replica means to replicate soooo). I acquired a complete '85 Mongoose Californian off of eBay for a great price out of the New York area. It was nearly all OG except for the tires and rim strips. The chrome was in great shape aside form the usual spots but it didn't require an OA bath just a polishing in my opinion. The bike did have its original decals and I really hated having to remove them for movie accuracy- it was painful. It had Lee Chi brakes which I replaced with Pro Class brakes. The pedals were rather shot so I replaced those with a correct NOS pair. I bought some metallic blue tape with worked out great as rim strips as I had trouble finding a nice pair of original ones. I went with yellow cloth hockey tape for the nylon pads. I figured since the movie was filmed in Canada and Cru sports a hockey helmet, this was a better choice that the bright-ass yellow electric tape sometimes used. This would make sense since cloth would attract more dirt than electrical tape thus the dirty yellow/tan-looking" tape in the movie. I also went with the red "V" pad on the handlebars that can clearly be seen in the movie when Cru is riding his sister, Wesley, home from school right after she commits her "terrorist act." I have a beautiful set of 1st generation GT fork standers that I have been wanting to add as they are used in the "dance scene" but haven't got around to finding some sort of spacers to make them fit the Mongoose forks. Like I said, I went full-on picky-as-hell here but I don't apologize for it. Below are the entire specs for this particular rig. I hope that I have done the movie bike justice and y'all find it RAD.....

All parts are original to the bike unless noted in ():
Frame: '85 Californian
Fork: '85 Californian 
Bars: Pro Class 8 3/4" x 28"
Stem: SR MS423
Grips: Mongoose 
Headset: Mongoose by Tange
Cranks: SR Cosmolite 1-Piece 175mm
Sprocket: SR 211 44T with Pro Class Power Plate
Freewheel: Suntour Chrome 16T
Pedals: SR MP470 (NOS - eBay) (original pedals were sold)
Chain: KMC Slotted 88L
BB: Mongoose by Tange
Seat: M1 Vented Nylon 
Seat Post: Mongoose 30* Laidback 14"
Seat Clamp: MX Hinged Alloy
Brakes: Pro Class MX900 front and MX1000 Rear (Used - eBay) (original brakes were sold)
Levers: Pro Class Tech 3-Style
Cables: Pro Class Clear Teflon
Rims: Pro Class III Hard Anodized 1.75"
Hubs: SR MH310 Sealed
Tires: Kenda Comp III Skinwalls 2.125" Front and 1.75" Rear (New - eBay)
Number Plate: Replica #33 
Frame Pad: Flite Nylon (NOS - eBay)
Bars pad: Johar "V" Nylon (NOS - eBay)
Stem Pad: Team Cycle Vinyl (NOS - eBay)
Pad Tape: Cloth Hockey Tape (eBay)
Fork Standers: GT Gen1 Folding (Used - eBay)
Pegs: Skyway Gen1 Aluminum (Used - eBay)

Submitted by DBboy74

  • Race
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: Californian
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 19"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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