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1999 Mongoose SGX 24

1999 Mongoose SGX 24

25th Anniversary Brushed Phatty

I scored this pre-sellout cruiser in Colorado on the way to a festival.  The tires wouldn't hold air due to a load of huge thorns in the tires that a double layer of old tubes didn't prevent.  It sat in the to-do pile for over 6 months until I could afford new stuffs.  Priority class bikes and upgrades for my son, daughter, wife and me.  The bottom bracket and all bearings were gummed up with old lithium grease, and the freewheel didn't engage.  The stock cranks were heavy steel stamped junk.

I purchased a new Profile bottom bracket from J&R at the Bluegrass Nationals in January 2k18, along with new Tioga modern Comp III pattern tires.  Next I restored a set of Profile cranks that were trashed and crusty to the point of little chrome remaining via acid bath.  After sanding of the surface pitting and chrome, primer x2, enamel x5, I discovered the pedal bosses had too little left for the pedals to secure.  FRACK!  Wall ornaments they shall be until an art project presents itself.  On with the extra Flight cranks, a 40/18 gearing for a 53.5" rollout, and time to hit the road.

This may be a refinishing project this spring for the Wichita Oldskool BMX Buildoff.  PO had probably put a chain on the top tube and used it for a school bike, as there is material removed from the top tube.  A clearcoat over the brushed aluminum AND chrome forks has damage.  It may end up with new old alloy forks and a square taper to aluminum crank set to reduce weight from the 25.4lb that it is after the crank upgrade, new pedals, and seatpost cut.

Until then, it may get some cruiser action on the track.  I always talk crap on cruisers being not so 'classy' like the new OS20 standard.  ISO 406 rims or bust!

Frame, Fork, Stem, Bars, Tange AHeadset, Lever, Brakes, Seatpost Clamp, Seatpost, Seat, Wheelset

Profile Bottom Bracket
Redline Flight 401 Cranks - New Spindle and 40t Chainring
Odyssey Clear Pedals
ACS 18t Freewheel
SRAM 8sp Waxed Chain
Cable Housing & SS Cable
Tioga 24x1.75 Comp II Style Tires, Tubes
Medical Tape - Replaced Rim Rubber

Submitted by HuffyShredder

  • Race
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: SGX
  • Wheel Size: 24"
  • Toptube length: 21.5
  • Headtube size: 1-1/8"

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