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1984 Mongoose Californian

1984 Mongoose Californian

Childhood dream bike...Rad Tribute Build

This was my childhood dream bike I wanted growing up, but parents couldn't afford it. So after introducing my kids to one of my favorite movies (RAD), I decided to try and build it. Took me over a year and a half to complete this 84/Rad mix. Trying to keep the overall cost down, I would seek out less than desirable condition parts and put a little elbow grease into them just to keep the wife from killing me because of my new hobby. My wife and kids were the ones to get me the pro class wheels from a member here as a fathers day gift. It has the 468 pedals, MX-19LP handlebars, MS-422 stem, Blue Mongoose repro grips, Blue Viscount Aero seat, Skyway type rear pegs, pro class power plate, SR211 44t chainring. Still looking for that blue m1 vented seat.

Submitted by Jaygarrick32

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