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1979 Mongoose Motomag

1979 Mongoose Motomag

Classic Flavor

Bought this locally from a lady who said it had been hanging up in her garage forever and she always figured it must be worth something. I gave it a basic clean up and oiling but left all parts intact except the seat which was a blue Elina I put on another bike. Someone must have really loved this bike - they put a lot of nice aftermarket parts on it and kept it in great shape. I love the color scheme and the old-school flavor.


Frame / fork: Mongoose
Crank: Mongoose w/stamped sprocket
Wheels: Tuf II's
Tires: Kenda
Padset: Team Cycle
Stem: Tuf Neck Pro Model
Brakes: DC MX1000's
Bars: Race Inc (I think)
Grips: Primo (newer)
Pedals: Rat Traps
Seat: Dyno Dynamax

Submitted by Uric37

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