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1988 Mongoose Decade

1988 Mongoose Decade

Last year for the Decade

SOLD on eBay 2-23-22

Sold my too short TT Cool Streak on eBay and needed another project.  Since I like my FS-1 so much I jumped on this Decade when it came up as an original complete.  I used no paint on this project and although it was all original and complete, I like to ride my bikes so I made a few changes while keeping the original parts in the event I want to sell it later. Frame, fork, bars, stem, post, rims all have the original paint and decals. I added vintage product stickers.  All I did was clean and tune plus a couple comfort/style changes.

Frame:  Taiwan made Mongoose Decade
Forks:  Spinner stamped '87 FS-1/Decade
Bars:  Mongoose freestyle type no stamps found (did not remove OG grips)
Stem:  Odd-ball 1988 only bottom cap Tioga Japan
Grips:  Faun fake Mushroom (I added the AME bar ends as the grips were blown)
Levers:  Dia-Compe 128 locking dated '87
Front brake:  Dia-Compe 880 dated '87
Rear brake: ACS Gripper
Rotor:  ACS Gen II (decal originally installed upside down)
Clamp:  OEM Fake Hutch "donut" no stamp
Post:  Stamped fluted Mongoose (Spinner?)
Seat:  Pro Class with original guts
Chain:  Cleaned up OG KMZ
Rims:  Pro Class 48 Series V (white shiny side with OEM stickers)
Pads:  Kool Stop Vans '86 dated
Pegs: OG Spinner X 4
Hubs:  Sealed System with bright original white paint and pristine lettering.
Pedals:  VP-777 Reverse color scheme (from original) in 9/16"

I don't favor low gearing so I removed and set aside the 90+% condition Tioga Japan 42T Compact Disc.  This gave me the chance to put some Redline cranks and 44T powder coated chainwheel on.  That had me on the run for pedals until I found these VP-777's in 9/16" in NOS condition in reverse color scheme.  I also elected to install new Panaracer HP406 tires and tubes as well as replacement inner and outer cables.  Added dice caps and donuts just because. I ride my bikes.

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: Decade
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"