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1978 Team Mongoose

1978 Team Mongoose

Childhood ride resurrected

My dad built this bike for me from parts he got at the local BMX race track in the early 80's. The previous owner of the frame had stripped off the factory blue candy coating. I raced it for a couple seasons, but I was never that into it. Most of my memories of it are from countless miscellaneous childhood adventures.

In 1988 I decided I wanted to feel grown up and I wanted a ten speed, but my parents said I could only have one bike. So I sold it to my cousin with the understanding that he would offer it back to me if he ever wanted to get rid of it. Well, he moved to Florida for six months that year. He took the bike with him, but he came home without it. It was left to the mercy of his younger brother and he wasn't gentle. In 1997 my grandmother discovered it in the swamp behind their house where it had been abandoned. It was standing in 5 inches of water and leaned up against a tree. I asked her to please bring it home the following year and she did. I was heartbroken when I saw it. Everything was trashed, broken and rusted over except the legendary frame, fork and aluminum handle bars. The tires had rotted off and the wheels were solid rust up to where the waterline had been. The tubes were packed with dried mud and the bearings were completely caked with dirt.

For almost twenty years I have put off restoring it for one reason or another, but I couldn't wait anymore. I have kept the bike's original spirit alive by keeping the parts blue and by using replicas of the vinyl pads, Oakley 3 grips, and chainring/spider that were on it. The rest of it I consider upgrades to what I had, either because I couldn't find what I needed or because something else just looked better to me. I had saved the original 606 number plate and it felt so good to finally reattach it to the handlebars. The 12 year old in me was screaming "Hell yeah!"

I will be riding this bike again on a regular basis.

Submitted by nheptane

  • Race
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: Team
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"

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