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1986 Mongoose FS-1

1986 Mongoose FS-1

A redo of my first freestyle bike!

I had this as a kid, and of course grew out of it and lost interest when I got older. At 19, a guy I worked with said his son got his bike stolen, so I gave him my FS-1 (which was mint) because he needed more than I did......Years go by and I get the "BMX BUG" and decide I need to find an FS-1. I got it off ebay and it arrived beat to hell. Mags cracked, paint chipped, rusty, a hurtin' unit to say the least. Fresh powder, rims off my decade, and a few new parts! If anyone can find the sticker set please let me know!

Submitted by guydlow

  • Freestyle / Flatland
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: FS-1
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"