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1999 Mongoose Chameleon

1999 Mongoose Chameleon

Basket-case left-for-dead turned Helltrack champion

I left this Chameleon next to my RAD dvd over winter, and next thing you know...

Picked this up with a bunch of other odds and ends, not knowing if I'd ever do anything with it. Everything was spray-painted, rusted together, bent and torn up.

So now everything has been rebuilt entirely, and it actually rides pretty damn smooth. Amazing what a little elbow grease, razor scraping, Oxalic Acid, real grease, new parts, movie referencing and soundtrack listening will do. Nothing high end, but not bad for a Sunday cruise around the block.

Nothing is correct, it's just a tribute bike I've always wanted. There's a mix of new and old, V-brakes, ChopSaws, and there's no looptail, but given where she came from, I'd say it's a new lease on life. A couple bits of red left that I need to attend to, but for the most part it's finished.

Also, there's nothing better to hear from your 8 year old, "Hey Dad, wanna watch Rad?".

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