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1984 Mongoose Californian

1984 Mongoose Californian

French 1985 import. Found rusty in a garden. Re-built flight pads. Not "out of the box" but I like it like that...

It's a kind of french imported Cali that was built in 84 and sold in FRANCE in 85, with the new flight pads and a pro-class bar.
I saw it in someone's garden a few years ago. The owner wanted to throm it away! He finally gave it to me.
I de-rusted it (pics 2 and 3) and rebuilt it as I found it, with the used flight pads (pic 4).
I bought some red anodized accessories and reproduced home-made flight pads (pic 1).
I still got some work with the grips...
What you think of it?


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