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1981 Mongoose Supergoose

1981 Mongoose Supergoose

1981 Mongoose Supergoose with contemporary parts snuck in.

My boss rolled into Skull Skates / PD's Hot Shop with this bike ready to sell.  I immediately jumped at the chance to own the exact bike I always wanted as a kid (I even replaced all my Raleigh decals with Mongoose decals when I was very young to make it look like a Mongoose).  The funniest thing about the purchase was moving a vintage NOS Star Wars carded 12 back Stormtrooper Canadian edition action figure on Ebay for the same amount that I bought the bike.  Funny to think that a little action figure can pay the hundreds for a full size vintage BMX bike.  The chrome frame and the rest of the bike was in great shape, but I didn't hesitate to start investing in parts to make it (for me) near perfect for everyday ride-ability and to capture what I thought a Bicycle Motocross should look like to my eyes back in the late 70s / early 80s.  After promptly ordering and applying the reproduction Supergoose decals, I upgraded from the gooseneck to a Mongoose Gold Stem.  Not trusting the strength of the old steel box bars, I found that the contemporary GHP chromoly race bars did the trick as they had a wide enough clamping area for the Gold Stem.  Replaced the vintage spindly and smaller one-piece cranks with newer Redline chromoly 175mm one-piece cranks.  Also features some nice old and new parts such as a Tange allen key locking headset to go with the gold Tange TX-1200 Champion fork (the same ones that my childhood friend had on his Diamondback, and of course I always wanted my own), Lester mags, Sugino spider and chainring, some vintage motocross style knobby tires (always the highlight for me on these old bikes), vintage quilted seat, chromoly seat post, NOS Zeronine Stadium number plate, Wellgo Bear Trap style pedals, a Tuffneck style seat post clamp, and some mid school 3/8" chain tensioners.  Again, I ride this bike often and like the idea that I can do the occasional small dirt jump session on the fun small TT without breaking bars or bending cranks. 

Submitted by 20TT_DIRT_FRAME

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