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1979 Mongoose Mitygoose 16

1979 Mongoose Mitygoose 16

My Son's New Race Bike Completely Overhauled "He Is In Love"

Here is a 1979 Mongoose Mitygoose A Buddy Of Mine Had Hangin For A While I Finally Went Over There & Say Hey Bud You Aint Going To Do Anything With This But My Boy Can Have Pleanty Of Fun On It,,, So As You Can See Here It Is Tottally Restored New Autorized Repop Decals Had Some Custom Made Mongoose Pads For It My Son Said's His Favorit Color Is Red So He Pretty Much Picked Out All The Red Stuff Only Thing I Made Him Reconsider On Was That He Wanted The Red Comp 3 Style Tires So I Kinda Just Broke It Down To That It Wasnt Happening And End Result He Is Happy All That Matters!

Part Brake Down...
Bars: Off Of 81 Minnigose Powdered Flat Black
Stem: Ashtanbula polished out to a mirror finish Nice!
Forks: Ashtanbula OG Finish
Frame: OG Finish Repop decals
Crank: Ashtanbula Og  Sprocket as well
Seat clamp: Og Early Unstamped Mongoose Clamp
Seat: NOS Pearson Troxel Seat
Wheels: Og Mongoose wheels new spokes new nipples polished out the hoops 
Tires: Comp II Style Kenda tires
Pads: Custom Made from plain OG Plain Rad Pads

So There It Is Hope You Guys Enjoy!

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