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1983 Mongoose Californian

1983 Mongoose Californian

My '83 Cali I built inspired by memorys of the one I had back in the 80s

I had a '83 Cali back in the 80s although it was a red one, but for this I went with blue. I have so many great memorys of riding that bike back then at the track on just the streets- the best times. I stupidly sold the original Cali back in the mid 90s. I was taught alot about how to work on the bike and take care of it by my Father a keen motorcycle enthusiast back then too that I also enjoyed and that has served me well over the years. The first two photos are how the bike is now and the last two are when I first built it theres a few small changes the DC pads and Pro Class powderdisc, I hoping to fit a Pro Class stem Im restoring in the future. Miss you Dad this bike is for you.

Submitted by Wildturkey

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