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1982 Mongoose Wire Wheel

1982 Mongoose Wire Wheel

My Childhood Race Bike

This is a 1982 Mongoose 'base model'.  I say that because there seems to be some confusion (at least I am confused!) about the name of the base model for 1982-83.  Most people seem to call it a Motomag, but the 1982-83 catalog makes no mention of a model Motomag, and just seems to call it a "Mongoose".  Also, has the Motomag being produced only until 1981.  I think it is a Mongoose II, as that model was already available in '81, but I'm not sure - that model is not available in the drop down menu for the museum; I think that's why everyone has it as a Motomag for '82.  Can anyone clarify this?

Anyway, I bought this bike used in summer of 1986 in Albany, NY, to replace my Huffy Pro Thunder.  I raced this bike in some local BMX races in Western Massachusetts (The Berkshires) and nearby areas from 1986 to 1988.  I changed around some parts including handlebars, brakes, tires, seat, and post.  I still happened to have the original tires, and put them back on for the pics.  I don't know what happened to the original handlebars and seat.

It was re-stickered as a 1986 Californian by the original owner before I got the bike.  I may change the stickers back to a Mongoose II at some point, but probably not; she has too much history with me looking like she does!  Salut!


Frame / Fork - Mongoose
Handlebars - 1985 GT Performer
Wheels - Skyway Tuff II's with Mongoose logos
Tires - Carlisle 1.74 Comp IIs
Cranks - no logo, just "81" stamped on
Chainwheel - Mongoose 'snowflake'
Pedals - 'rat trap' generic
Seatpost - 1985 GT
Clamp - GT
Seat - Viscount Aero
Brakes - Dia Compe MX (rear brake lever is an Odyssey)
Grips - A'me
Number Plate - Haro

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