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1985 Mongoose Expert

1985 Mongoose Expert

"First Childhood Crush"

This 'Goose belonged to my next door neighbor Mike that I grew up with and always envied as a child because he owned the bike I wanted but my parents would not buy for me...

 One day about 25 years later, I was over my parents house and saw my "Childhood crush" across the street in front of Mike's old house sticking out of a snowbank with a bunch of other trash waiting for the garbage truck!!! I almost had a heart attack and dragged it back to my house where the rescue mission had begun..

 It was stripped of all it's rusty parts and dry rotted (ORIGINAL) gum wall tires, all the chrome was Polished to a like new luster and the rims were treated to a fresh set of stainless spokes and anodized red nipples. All the bearings throughout the bike were cleaned and repacked. The Bottom Bracket was removed and replaced with a set of chrome sealed 180 mm Profile Racing 3 Piece cranks attached to a billet Profile 42T chain ring and Red Porkchop spider. The original brakes and lever were replaced with a set of NOS late 80's Pitbull center pull brakes I purchased from the UK. All the factory destroyed Blue components were replaced with Re-pops in the Factory Mongoose Red option i.e.: seat, tires, grips, crank spider, rim strips, etc... All the decals were replaced with the correct Re-pops from BMX Products and I am still in search of a set of Red Mongoose pads...

My first test-ride was AMAZING and exactly the way I remembered her almost 30 years ago. I would be lying if I said I did not get a little emotional about an hour in as I jumped a set of stairs in the loading-dock that I road as a child.

My first "Crush" returned back home for good and will never leave me again...

Submitted by juicedstang999

  • All-Around
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: Expert
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Profile 180 3 piece cranks- Profile 42T chainring & Porkchop Spyder- Odyssey Pitbull brakes and lever- Mongoose Pro Class Rims W/ SR hubs- Dominator Saddle- Duro Red Skinwall 1.75 tires- Red "Mongoose" grips- RL chain adjusters- Mongoose Platform pedals- BMX Products Re-pop Decals-

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