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1981 Mongoose Motomag

1981 Mongoose Motomag

My 1st Restore - 1981 Mongoose

Finally finished my 81 Motomag. Bought this from a fellow BMX museum user (gman10) with the intent of bringing it back the way it was. Stripped the original blue paint off and Powder Coated it blue and put a unused Yellow Mongoose Stamped seat on it from the original black vinyl quilted seat that was on it. Also added a set of yellow matching tyres for the set of Mongoose stamped tuffs. It has the original chain guard for it but don't know whether to put it back on. Bike has all Mongoose stamped parts with the immaculate set of Mongoose Stamped Tuffs.

1981 Mongoose Frame

1981 Mongoose Fork

Mongoose Stamped Head Set

Mongoose Stamped Cranks

Mongoose Stamped Skyway Tuff II Wheels (Set)

Mongoose Stamped Snowflake Chain Ring

Mongoose Stamped Seat Clamp

Mongoose Stamped Seat

Mongoose Grips (Repop)

Gumwall Repro Tires

Submitted by Dixon_Muffs

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