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1979 Mongoose Motomag

1979 Mongoose Motomag

Resto for a friend

This bike is a restoration for a friend.  He bought this bike in Texas in 1980 from a Schwinn shop and has been able to keep it in pretty good shape.  When I received it, he had spray painted and removed most of the stickers, so I figured it was a perfect bike to restore.  It has been powder coated blue locally and the stickers are obviously reproductions.

The bike was originally blue and I mean everything was blue.  I changed a few things and added some red.  My buddy wanted to keep the bike blue, but told me to change anything else while keeping most of the parts.  I sold the blue acs rim with suzue hub, because the back was gone.  It had a black acs mag on it.  The brakes were Dia Compe 890 (blue) and have been changed to red.  The third picture shows most of the original parts.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with it...I hope my buddy is as well. 

The parts are:

Takagi Tourney crank
Repro Mongoose Grips
Dia Compe 890 brakes (1983)
Skyway Media blasted blue mags (1979)
Suntour Freewheel
Odyssey 6 bolt Stem
Tange Nickel plated fork
Unknown Bars
Yaban Chain
Unknown Seat
mid school pedals (not my choice, but my buddy likes them)
Porkchop Tires

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