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1985 Mongoose Californian

1985 Mongoose Californian

long time restoring but finaly done for my friends wedding present, hes wanted a bike like this since we were kids n seen all the bikes i was building n was saying how much hed love to have a blue cal

clean cali f/ cr mo forks

big cali pc bars

polished 423 stem

cali post

mx clamp

blue seat i redone just a lil darker then normal but ill perfect it down the road

repop pads

polished pc breaks n levers w/ blue cables

polished sr 470 pedals

sr cr mo lite crank

nice og powerplate blue n polished sr chainwheel

nice pro class III rims sealed hubs with white nipples thought would be diffrent , pops with the white in the pads

nice cleans stamped headset n bb

og grips

just over all clean cali , i woulda got off way cheeper i shoulda bought yours caligoose that was a very nice og cali you had REAL NICE ....... man i wanted thos pads for this bro lol.........  

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