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1981 Mongoose Motomag

1981 Mongoose Motomag

Survivor Put-Together

Picked up the F/F (w/stamped headset), bars (all OG) with fake B1b grips, pads and Schwinn approved Weinmann brakes from CL. I added Tagaki 180 cranks, black Sugino snowflake sprocket, bottom bracket, Zmags, Tech 2 lever, seat post and cleaned up Dominator seat.

The paint is flaking off with rust underneath. I sanded a bit in the back with the idea of a partial restore. Maybe? Maybe not? The front brake hole is drilled slightly off center. Perhaps the forks were made on a Friday or a Monday?

So far, this is most like my bike from BITD. I had an 82 Goose and & one point or another had Zap pads, 180s and a Tech 2 lever.

Great ride.