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1983 Mongoose Californian

1983 Mongoose Californian

*** STOLEN*** The BMX I always wanted...... it just took me 28 years to get one!

Bought from a bmxmuseum member and it was in a state.

Over a month of sourcing parts, both NOS and a little from Porkchop, I have completed it for the time being, but it will soon be disassembled and sent out to cwracing for a re-chrome

83 cali f/f , pro class bars, original top tube pad, NOS suntour 17t freewheel, mongoose stamped crank, sr headset, sr pedals, original seat, comp III tyres, grips and decals from BMXproducts and Pro Class Alloy Wheels with Suzue hubs

Submitted by Burner83

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