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1977 Mongoose Motomag

1977 Mongoose Motomag

1977 Low gusset Mongoose

  I had been hunting for a low gusset Goose for quite sometime. I had owned one back in the day and it was always my back up frame when one of my race frames broke. Unbelievably this was  found in a scrap pile in a back yard. It was originally nickle plated but had deteriorated badly. Also one of the former owners had etched his name in several places, so it was a powder coat candidate. As an added bonus it had undrilled Redline forks on it which were an option from Mongoose back then. I knew she needed Motomags for sure so I found a pair of II"s locally that were red. I put in some hours stripping and polishing them. I purposely left them a little rough for the old school look. I went with a Gold Stem. Ashtabula cranks. My Nephew Matt ( Fulthrotle73 ) did an awesome job applying the decals. I didn't want any part of that!!
  This bike was way fun to build!! It brought back lots of memories along the way.

Submitted by romano916