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1982 Mongoose Pro Class

1982 Mongoose Pro Class

Custom build for a bit of fun !

So after a long hunt I finally got my mitts on an '82 pro-class. Didn't want to settle for anything other than an 82 as it was the first year they were made.

I will eventually build this full factory spec with black chrome effect but the seller I bought it from in the states (jays24 - great guy) had painted it metallic black and it looked a nice paint job when I got it so I decided to have a little fun..........

........and build a "custom" pro-class !

Couldn't resist really - I was itching to build it.

Full spec (pretty much era correct +/- 1yr):

1982 mongoose pro-class frame and forks
Pro-size mongoose pro-class bars
NOS original genuine mongoose grips (2nd Gen)
mongoose pro-class stem
original survivor pro-class wheels (haven't touched these at all - still have original decals and fleccies !)
NOS cheng-shin skinwall comp3 1.75/1.75
NOS MKS BM5 rat traps
mongoose stamped crank
mongoose stamped spider
NOS takagi 43T chain ring
mongoose stamped BB
tioga beartrap headset
NOS Kashimax MX seat
stainless steel seatpost
NOS DC twin bolt clamp
NOS DC MX1000 rear
NOS DC Tech 3
NOS DC cable/clips
original survivor mongoose race plate with original mongoose decals