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1982 Mongoose Kos Kruiser 26

1982 Mongoose Kos Kruiser 26

Rare 5-Speed Kos Kruiser

I purchased this all original Kos from the original owner, he purchased it at a local bike shop in Tucson, he stated the owner of the bike shop was in Long beach, and Kos was building a limited amount of 5-speeds, the owner of the bike shop ordered 3, and he kept 2 of them and sold this one to the guy I purchased it from, he stated this is how the bike looked in 82 except the tires, I even have the original blue top head tube Mongoose pad for it, it has Avocet 3 piece crankcs 43 tooth, Sun Tour Cyclone shifter, one of the first generation Tuff necks, and even GT foam grips, he stated the seat is even original, not sure I have not seen another one, this bike rides unreal! thanks for looking and in the future Im just going to put on a set of Nos tires, thanks

I sold this bike years ago anyone who has it I will be more than happy to trade or buy back, thank you

Submitted by jake4wut

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