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1982 Mongoose Supergoose

1982 Mongoose Supergoose

My race bike & daily rider..........

I built this to race in the novice event at the annual RADBMX meet in July'09 here in the UK and I now use it as my daily rider (minus the race plate !)

I got this frame from a complete I bought that was in need of restoration - I decided I was going to salvage a few of the original goose bits for some of my other builds and keep just the frame, forks, mongoose stamped headset and proclass wheels everything else was going to be custom for a change.

First job then was strip down and clean up - ideally the wheels could do with re-lacing with new spokes but they spun true so I thought what the heck  - it's a rider ! Stripped them down - changed the rim tape, changed the bearings, cleaned the axles and re-greased everything.
I was happy to keep the original head tube and down tube decals even though they are a little tatty but needed a seat tube decal as it was missing and also some race plate decals so I decided to get all "custom" stylee - next thing you know I couldn't be stopped ! Custom decals galore - viscount seat got some treatment as did my GT pro bars and even the rim decal on the pro class went custom.

I had fun racing it at the event (that's me exhausted after racing in the last pic !) and I love using it as a general rider - it feels light and fast (It's a shame I'm not !).


1982 supergoose frame & team forks
1983 un-stamped GT pro bars (with custom decals)
alloy pro-class rims with shimano hubs (and custom pro class decal)
NOS Rad Kaps Dice
NOS renthal layback
NOS viscount aero (custom mongoose decals)
NOS Dia Compe MX hinged seat clamp
SR Apex-M 3-piece crank
Sugino 44T powdered white
NOS Shimano SX
NOS FUAN F1 grips
NOS Dia Compe 901's (changed cables to white)
tuff pad copies
Forklifter style stem (possibly mongoose as it has similar markings to pro-class bars of the same era 85-86 ish and the freestyle geese of that era came with them - I rattle canned this and added a custom mongoose decal)
mongoose stamped headset
comp 3 pattern tyres thick/thin combo
NOS haro race plate (with custom decals)