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1984 Mongoose Supergoose

1984 Mongoose Supergoose

"A Mongoose is for life not just for Christmas"

This is my Mongoose Supergoose that I got for Christmas approx 1984. The bike lay dormant for a good few years before I found it on my R and R and decided to get it back to its original glory. Over the years and a couple of moves I have lost the front brake and stem cover, bugger. I trashed the original grips in only a matter of days, however, their replacements, Mushroom 2's, are still good to go. The original seat I still have but is very worse for wear from too many bad landings and has been replaced by a Kashimax Aero. The serial number is M4J19021. I'm really excited about having it now as I was all those years ago when I was a kid, I'm now 38! 

Submitted by Simon B

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