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1983 Mongoose Mitygoose 16

1983 Mongoose Mitygoose 16

Mity Goose

In 6th grade (1983), My best friend at the time, his brother and I all went about 30 miles to Peru Indiana's Hive bike shop to buy new bikes. I saved paper route money forever to buy me a Mongoose Califorinan, my friend got an Expert, and his little brother got a mitygoose. After a couple of years, the little brother outgrew his Mitygoose and sold it to my dad. My younger brother learned to ride on the mitygoose, then it hung in the garage for several years until my sister had children. They have now outgrown the little goose and now it will be restored for my daughter to use. I will update the pictures when we get it finished. She thinks I should use almost every color in the rainbow when we build it but hopefully I can talk her into just one color to trim it out. I can't wait to go for a ride on my Two Four and her on the mitygoose together

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