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1986 Mongoose Mitygoose 16

1986 Mongoose Mitygoose 16

Mitygoose for mini Cru Jones Replica

Put this together for my son’s for Christmas. He fell in love with Rad in August 2020 and started balance bike racing within a week. So I hunted a 1986 Mitygoose for weeks and eventually found one with minimal rust.  My son loved it after the following modifications:

- Cheng  shin bike tires 16 inch blue tires (really hard to find)
- painted sprocket blue (by me)
- Viscount 2188 seat painted blue (by me)
- Rad pad set
- matching training wheels 
- OEM Mongoose Menace pedal 
- red bandana (why not)
- Blue mushroom grips 
- Gold KMC chain 
- rust removal 
- deep clean and polish
- Number 33 Number plate (I made it out of a “caution” sign, added reflective mailbox numbers, and laminated it) 

Submitted by Avtech23