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1980 Mongoose Supergoose

1980 Mongoose Supergoose

My original 1980 Mongoose Supergoose I've owned since new.

40 year old survivor Supergoose with nearly all original and NOS Mongoose parts.

I got the bike brand new from my parents for my 13th birthday. 

Rode and raced it for many years, changing various parts as I went along, and after getting my drivers license in 1987 it was put away in the garage as a tired old racer and never ridden again.

The photo of it with the black Skyway Tuffs shows how it came out of storage after 33 years. I've retained all the additional OG parts should I ever wish to put it back to how it looked after I finished racing it.

It's now a classic looking factory bike... winding the clock back to how it came new from the bike store. 

Original finish chrome frame and forks were just repolished and re stickered.

Otherwise everything else was either cleaned or replaced with NOS parts as follows:

    • Frame- 1980 Mongoose Supergoose
    • Forks - Team Mongoose
    • Bars - Mongoose Stainless Steel stamped 
    • Grips - Mongoose reproductions
    • Stem - Mongoose/ Goose Neck gold 
    • Headset - Mongoose stamped
    • Seat - Kashimax MX dated 1980 NOS
    • Seat guts - Kashimax stamped
    • Seat post - Mongoose Stainless Steel NOS
    • Seat clamp - Mongoose stamped NOS
    • Cranks - Mongoose stamped 
    • Pedals - KKT chrome K-MX NOS
    • Bottom bracket - Mongoose stamped
    • Spider - Mongoose/ gold stamped
    • Chain ring - Shimano/ 44 tooth
    • Chain - Izumi/ chrome
    • Brakes - Shimano Tourney stamped 1981 with matching Shimano bent brake lever
    • Brake pads- Skyway Tuff Pads
    • Wheels - Skyway Tuff II
    • Tires - Panaracer NTKK Snake Bellys
    • Pads - Mongoose/ 3 piece NOS
    • Stickers- Original Mongoose sticker set NOS
Hope you guys like it, the chrome with red accessories really pops in real life. 

Love to hear your thoughts...

Submitted by Rosey

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