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1988 Mongoose Expert

1988 Mongoose Expert

Back in black

Hello all. 

It's fair to say I was never really a mongoose fan.  Nobody I knew back when I was a kid owned one. I had a supermax which I loved.  I knew someone with a huffy pro thunder.  There were various generic department store BMX's kicking around.  And a spoiled kid that had a diamond back silver streak (he also had a gray nicolls four scoop cricket bat..... hated that kid!).
Anyway,  that all changed when in 1983 I saw an ad for the Pro Class.  Wow!
Fast forward several decades and I rediscovered the wonderful world of old school BMX. I'd just bought a hotfoot (also in the museum), and decided to build a mongoose. And the choice? Pro class..... well,  at least something that was built on the pro class frame.  I found this '88 Expert frame online,  and away I went.  So....... again it's not entirely period correct,  but it's still a cool bike in my view.   I've since sourced a couple of early mongoose frames (a motomag and a supergoose) which I might build up at some point. 
Until then,  I hope you like this one. Oh,  and the last couple of photos show it with a pair of red shoes,  just for weddings,  parties,  etc.   ;-)

Submitted by Bmxdirector

  • Race
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: Expert
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"