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1976 Mongoose Motomag

1976 Mongoose Motomag

'76 Mongoose

1976 Mongoose Motomag BMX Bike
Serial code CI6, C (Chatsworth) I (November) 6 (1976)

This is a 1976 rare second year in production Mongoose. It's pretty original and hasn't been touched in years. Frame is solid. No broken welds or rewelds. Frame is straight. Minimal rear stay wear. No signs of dents or scrapes. Original crank and pedals. Original, YES, Mongoose stem. V-bars are also original but may not be original to manufacturer release. Comes with authentic black mag wheels. No cracks or broken spokes. Spin freely and are fairly true. Pads are original too.
Bike has been in a time capsule for years. Lucky find! 

Submitted by mauroguerrero

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