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1984 Mongoose Californian Pro

1984 Mongoose Californian Pro

Cru Jones Build

Got this from a friend of mine I do a lot of business with on eBay and the museum he gave me a great deal for a frame, forks and bars It may be a pro it may not be, but really doesn't matter to me as long as the frame style is correct which it is it doesn't have the riveted  head  plate but has original decals and they're the right ones that's all I really care about, I'm sure everyone of us in here has a soft spot for the Rad movie and I've always wanted to do a build that reflects off of that and I finally get to do so the wheels I custom drilled myself their were so many different ones drilled back then so I made my own Pro Class version out of Weinman rings and my Tioga Suzue sealed high flange hubs  I have a set of Peregines but those are gonna go on my redline the same bike I took the Tioga hubs from for this build and I believe any custom build like this should have a custom touch that's why I'm building my own wheels I hope you guys like the outcome thanks

Submitted by 80sbmxhunter

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