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1983 Mongoose Pro Class

1983 Mongoose Pro Class

2nd Favorite Mongoose model

1983 Mongoose Proclass 20" originally in Smoke Chrome/Black Chrome which was stripped off by previous owner. 

 Pro Class 175 crankset with Power Plate,SR 211 chainwheel, pro class chainring bolts, Shimano DX pedals(Since been completely restored and polished like new) stamped bottom bracket, 
 Stamped Pro-bars(uncut), Pro Class stem, OG date stamped Tech4 levers, but found Tech2 '82 date stamped levers now.
 Black 5/83 date coded D/C MX900 rear(replacing with '82 date coded Chrome MX1200 now) and Black 5/83 date coded MX1200 on front(replacing with chrome dated coded 5/83 MX900 now) front and rear cables DC date coded 12/83,
 Will be installing the Mongoose stamped headset,. Proclass wheels with original ACS hubs, White Industries freewheel and fat and skinnys skin wall comp 3 tires. 
 Blk/Red pads n.o.s OG out of the original bag, blk/blue Proclass Pads are repop but I like the look better. 
 Chrome seat post with real D/C seat post clamp, original Viscount Areo seat. 

 Bout it, hopefully have updated restored pics soon. If anyone knows of a place that can replicate the Black Chrome, Id appreciate the info very much. So far no luck with shops here or on the mainland. Even C4 Labs said no can do. I think I found someone who can replicate the paint here, it will be automotive paint painted by the top hot rod/custom chopper painter here in the islands that says she has a way to do it. Just need to strip the remaining chrome and get the paint going. Have 3 sets of decals to choose from, leaning towards the custom red lettering(instead of the correct blue) just because I like the look. Pretty much have all the rest of the parts I need(unless someone is holding Proclass Crank caps)? 

 Of My Moosegoose with Freemag Motomags, all OG decals, stainless stamped everything, sued seat, or my unrestored, original decal supergoose with correct parts, my Team Goose, Race Inc 20" and 24" aluminums, the Proclass is only second favorite to my 1979 Cook Bros 3 Bar 26" cruiser which is a tough bike to beat! Still I love the geometry and feel of the 20" Proclass only second to the Eric Rupe but its a close one between the two. I highly recommend any Mongoose fan to try one if they never have, they are great bikes! Thanks for looking, and those who have n.o.s. Black chrome f/f I am very envious of you. Best color bike from the mid 70s through mid 80s in my opinion. I am seriously Looking for a 24" pro class F/F, Eric Rupe F/F, and nice Black Chrome Proclass 20" F/F if anyone is selling too? Mahalo for creating this group! Hit me up if you have any of these to sell or trade!

Submitted by nos808

  • Race
  • Company: Mongoose
  • Model: Pro Class
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Currently disassembled for paint, will update photos when painted

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