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1982 MCS Magnum 240

1982 MCS Magnum 240

MCS Cruiser. All original chrome,decals and components. These were only made for a couple years in the early 80's (81-83).

I was very fortunate to acquire this MCS cruiser frame and fork in such wonderful condition (Thanks Mike) but finding these MCS Cruiser Bars, Campagnolo BMX Pedals and especially the MCS Seat Clamp was truly a godsend.
I built it up as faithfully as I could with some of my favorite parts for the 2017 Calendar Build Off and to commemorate the 40th anniversary of MCS, one of the early pioneers of BMX.

MCS was known for their quality craftsmanship. They produced some wicked bikes and even made frames and parts for other companies like Hutch,etc.  Some of the most beautiful chrome and welds I've seen to this day!

Many of the parts for this build came from fellow BMX Museum Members. 
Thank you to those who helped me put this one together and allowed some of these parts to relocate. 

Frame:                 MCS 240 Magnum 
Forks:                  MCS 240 Magnum
Bars:                   MCS Winged Cruiser Bars
Stem:                  MCS 4 Bolt Stem (introduced in 1981)
Seat Clamp:         MCS rare Octagon Clamp 
Seat Post:            MCS 16" made for cruisers (NOS prior to install)
Pad Set:               MCS pads made by Flite (NOS prior to install)
Cranks:                Redline 401, 180mm
Spindle:               Redline double dimple 
Bottom Bracket:   Hadley sealed (NOS prior to install)
Spider:                 Phil Wood 130 bcd
Rims:                   Ambrosio Durex 24' (hard coat annodizing)
Hubs:                   Campagnolo Record hubs with correct axles and hardware (NOS prior to install)
Tires:                   Mitsuboshi Silver Star Competition III yellow label
Chainwheel:         Takagi (dated 1982, NOS prior to install)
Freewheel:           Shimano 333 (dated 1982, NOS prior to install)
Seat:                    MX Kashimax (dated 1981)
Pedals:                 Campagnolo 305 BMX Pedals (NOS prior to install)
Grips:                   Oakley .5 (NOS prior to install)
Headset:              Tange MX3 (NOS prior to install)
Brake Calipers:     Dia-Compe MX 1000 (both dated 1982, NOS prior to install)
Brake Levers:       Dia-Compe pre bent Red Dot (both dated 1982, NOS prior to install)
Brake Cables:       Dia-Compe (both dated 1982, NOS prior to install)
Brake Pads:          Kool Stop with rare grey pads for alloy rims (NOS prior to install)
Chain:                   Sedis Sport Silver (NOS prior to install)

                             Hutch BB lock (NOS prior to install) 
                             BS Dirt Skirt (NOS prior to install) 
                             Oakley Crud Plugs (NOS prior to install)
                             Rad Kaps (NOS prior to install)
                             Sugino Chainring bolts (NOS prior to install)

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