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1987 MCS Magnum 240

1987 MCS Magnum 240

Great cruising around ride, rare little find up here in the GREAT WHITE NORTH .

Here we have a great rider survivor find . Took a 5 hrs drive their and back to get this home ,contacted him on the Friday he posted it and got a call back on Tuesday to come and get it ??? I had forgotten about it already since I had not heard from him by Saturday, figured it would have been gone by then, as luck would have it, I was the first to leave him a message on his answering machine, YUP an answering machine, LOL,  

Had a nice talk found out it was his son`s ride BITD ,he bought it locally in KINGSTON Ont. as it is changed up the bars stem tires grips, it would seem everything else was OG to the bike when purchased .

gOT A COUPLE OF NICE PARTS WHITE dk STEM  GT BARS  araya RM -20 hoops  suzue hub and shimano via front  tuf neck chainring bolts and power disk   chainring 40t takagi  Etc


Submitted by cannadian freestyler