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MCS stands for Motor Cross South, then changed to Moto Cross Specialties

The company was started in a motorcycle shop in South Florida.

JD Cycle Based in Coral Springs Florida is owned by my good friend Jeff DeVido and the sole owner of the MCS Bicycles Brand name.
MCS Bicycles has been around since 1976 and has always produced top quality BMX components from their Tricked out MCS Z1 frame in the 70s to the one of the first 6 bolt Aluminium head stems that was a bullet proof quail style stem designed by the late Bryan Esser RIP. and known for the tightest welds by some of the best welders in the business Ron Falzini and The grand master Greg Esser (greg and his family who started the NBL and also owned the MCS Brand in the early years) and had brightest Chrome Plating ever that’s why Hutch came to MCS to build their race frames because of the high quality and the chrome plating.
Over the years MCS went through some great times and some tough times but always pushed through them and got back up to the front of the line! MCS Sponsored my WP Racing team I started with their top quality BMX Products and I was stoked when one day the owner of MCS Norman Levine said to me “hey why don’t you come work for us here at MCS” I said YES before he even finished his sentence!
That was back in 1986 and my first job task I was giving was to run and Reorganize their MCS Magnum Force Co-Sponsorship team program. This was THE best Co-Sponsorship program ever done in BMX because it brought the rider and their local bike shop together
The program was the farm team to the MCS Factory Team that they could choose riders from for the factory team. This program at one time had well over 500 riders and over 30 bike shops!! Shops started their own BMX teams combined with the MCS Magnum Force Program
After a few years of running the MCS Magnum Force team program it was time for me to hand over the program to one of the riders of the MCS Magnum Force team and that rider was Jeff Devido (now current owner of JD Cycle and the MCS Brand name) the reason was that Norman asked me to see if I could get the MCS Name out there even more in the market and put together a strong Factory Team to promote the MCS Name and it’s quality BMX Products
I was again Stoked even more! I love a challenge and I set out to assemble that dream BMX Team! So the very first riders I choose to represent the MCS Name were 6x Jonny Lee 7x Michael Brandt, 10x Shawn Bone, 11x Nicholas Liberatore, 14x Mike Hale, 15x Craig Reynolds, 16x Mike Crehan 18x Troy Irving and 18x Terry Tenette ( T asked me if he could move up to the pro class and I have him the ok to start his stellar BMX Career We decided to bump him up for the ABA Grands and he went on to WIN the Pro class Mr T was on fire at the ABA Grands and it earned him a photo on the cover of Super BMX Magazine! Getting a rider I managed on a BMX Magazine cover shot was a dream goal of mine and it happened! So that cover photo put the MCS Brand Name OVER the top.
The little MCS Factory team riders were winning National after National on the new MCS Mantis and MCS Hurricane Frame sets I designed these frame sets to compete with the new material out on the market that other bike manufactures were using called Titanium!
These 2 frame sets started to out sell all the Titanium frame manufactures combined as they were a tad lighter then the Titanium frame sets and they were half the cost of the titanium frame sets also and the MCS Factory pilots were destroying their competition on the National circuit they also pushed the MCS Name and sales even further up the the ladder.
BMX Bike shops everywhere where ringing the phones off the hook at the MCS Factory wanting all the MCS Products manufactured to sell in their shops, So as they say “The rest was HISTORY!”
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