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1985 Maximum

1985 Maximum

Elegant, Rare, Chrome to the Bone

This is my custom build from 1985. I chose all the components and had it built by a local bike mechanic--this took forever. I only raced it one summer. I had not ever ridden Maximum--I chose their frame based on looks alone! (There was an older rider with a Maximum who raced the indoor tracks at Northhampton Fairgrounds who just ripped, and his bike looked sick.) I still think the frame and fork have the most graceful lines and is the most beautiful BMX frame ever built. I had come from a Kuwahara KZ-1, and I think I was faster on the Kuwahara, but that may have been because by the time I finally got my custom Maximum I was too big for 1 3/8 rims! The chrome has chipped off a bit on the fork (which I have tended to) --this was from a crash in the 1985 MA finals when I landed on the holeshot winner over the doubles in the third turn in Greenfield, MA. The sticker on the other side was burned off in a crash during the first moto of the same race, when someone behind me knocked me sideways over the step jump! Got a mouthful of dirt! Were it not for those two crashes I could have had a no. 2 MA plate. Ended up with No.5 Fun sport, full of important lessons about life

Submitted by FastEddy

  • Race
  • Company: Maximum
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details All original components. Hutch bars, DK stem, Araya 1/3/8 rims, Suzue hubs, Comp III tires (1 3/8), CW Cranks, Shimano pedals, Uni seat, Diacompe brakes. Only raced one season--tires still have those little rubber things sticking up!. Spokes are corroded, some chrome is flaking off back hub. Grips have had it. Chrome freewheel, gears 44-16

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