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1986 Maruishi 701 BTR Professional

1986 Maruishi 701 BTR Professional

1986 Maruishi 701 BTR Professional BMX Trials Bike


Here's An Amazing Looking ULTRA RARE! 100% Complete Survivor 1986 Maruishi 701 BTR Professional BMX Trials Bike, That I Recently Found Here In Japan, That I Also Added To My Collection. It's The Only One In Existence In The Museum.


Another Blast From The Past! Here's To The '80's. An Extremely Rare And Hard To Find Bike. Here's To The Totally Obscure Japanese BMX Bicycle Enthusiasts Out There. Don't You Just Love The '80's


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Here's The Parts List & Specific Details:


-Frame-Maruishi 701 BTR Professional, Chrome-moly Butted Frame Tubes

-Fork-Maruishi Trials, Chrome-moly Flat Tubing Bicycle Trials Fork

-Handlebars-NITTO Japan Chrome-moly WS Stamped Bars

-Stem-Maruishi, Unique Integrated Four (4) Bolt Aluminum Alloy Block Stem 

-Headset-Mori Epoch Japan Pat. Pend. Self Tightening Top Spring Head Set

-Grips-Tange MX, Soft Rubber

-Rims-Araya 7X, Aluminum Alloy, 36 Hole, 20" x 1.75"

-Front Hub-Sansin, Aluminum Alloy, High Flange, 36 Hole

-Rear Hub-Sansin, Aluminum Alloy, High Flange, 36 Hole

-Spokes-Steel, 14 Gauge

-Tires-Pirelli, 2-16 Trial (20 J - ML 14) Made In Spain Front & Rear

-Brake Levers-Dia Compe MTN Type, 280 Model, Extra Long Brake Levers

-Front Brakes-Dia Compe MX-900 (0885B/5583) Made In Japan 

-Rear Brakes-Dia Compe MX-1000 (0785B/5583) Made In Japan

-Brake Cables-Dia Compe

-Brake Pads-Dia Compe MX, Black Hard Rubber Compound Pads

-Pedals-MKS Grafight-2000, Chrome-moly Shafts 

-Cranks-Sugino, Chrome-moly, S 140mm Japan Stamped

-Bottom Bracket-UNS, 7/8-24 L H., Made In Japan Stamped

-Front Sprocket-Sugino, Aluminum Alloy, <24T> Japan Stamped Chainwheel

-Rear Sprocket-Suntour, 20T Freewheel, Made In Japan, Maeda Industrial Ltd.

-Chain-KEC, Made In Japan 

-Seat-Kashimax RS, Nylon, Made In Japan, Pat. Pend.

-Seat Post-SR, 25.8mm, Aluminum Alloy, Straight Seat Post

-Seat Post Clamp-Dia Compe MX1500S (DC MX), Aluminum Alloy, Two (2) Piece Double Bolt Clamp

-Accessories-Unique Maruishi Bottom Bracket Bashguard, Aluminum Alloy Plate With Red Maruishi (Kangaroo) Round Decal, Rear Chainstay Tensioners, Zip Tied Padding To The Top Fork Blades To Prevent Dents And Scratches On The Frame -And- Some Unique Serialized Maruishi Frame Decals. Ser. No. 701BTRA, FC-AO4, & F15-AO4. 


Serial Number: 1907XX

Model Number: 701BTRA


Here's A Maruishu Company Overview:

The Maruishi Company Produces Cargo Attaching Bicycles, Shaft Driven Direct Drive, Various Folding Compact Bicycles, Touring, Racing, Cross Bikes And Kids Bicycles. They Also Offer Electromotive Assist Type Cars, School Cars And Fixed Turn Practical Cars. This Company Is Based In Tokyo, Japan. Maruishi Cycle Industries Operates As A Subsidiary Of Maruishi Holdings Co. Ltd. As Of December 31, 2006, Maruishi Cycle Industries Ltd. Operates As A Subsidiary Of Tianjin Fushida Bicycle Co., Ltd.


Contact Information On Maruishi Bicycles:

10-4 Kaji-Cho 1-Chome


Tokyo,  101-8540


Phone: 048-984-1404

FAX: 048-984-1407


Here's A Link To The Maruishi 2010 Cycle Catalog:



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  • Dirt Jump / Trail
  • Company: Maruishi
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Toptube length: 21¼" Inches
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details Bashguard Ground Clearance: Approximately: 9¼" Inches