1984 MRD Expert

1984 MRD Expert

1984 MRD with rare MRD expert bars and MRD brake guard. I do have an MRD plate for it but it just didn't work. Sprayed in Fiat 500 Cha Cha blue just to be different.

1984 MRD Expert.

MRD Expert bars
Dia Compe hinged seat clamp
DK Stem
Araya 7X Rims
Shimano DX Peddles
Dia Compe 890 Rear brake including Dia Compe 84 stamped rear cable
Dia Compe Tech 3
SR Cromo lite OPC
Elina Flyte tech armchair
Tuf neck power disc
MRD Brake guard
Yellow/green label Mitsubishi comp 3's
Tioga beartrap 2 headset
Suzue sealed bearing hubs
Uni Hand grenades (originals not repop)

Submitted by Southern Andy

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