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Mankind Bike Company(2004–2015)

mankind Bike Company

Quote from website: Within the twenty years of riding and doing many different things in BMX, I always wanted to do my own bike company and in 2004 I thought it was about time to do it. By creating Mankind Bike Company it was not only important to me to have great products in terms of style, materials and technical features, but also to present Mankind Bike Company in a new unique way in terms of logo and graphic design of stickers, headercards, frame boxes, clothing, website, etc . Mankind is here to bring you high quality, innovative and up to date BMX frames and parts to make you enjoy the way you are riding to the fullest.

Enjoy riding with Mankind products.

Someday we shall all be one | Christoph Huber

MANKIND BIKE COMPANY | c/o Unity BMX Distribution | Budapester Str. 49 | 20359 Hamburg – Germany