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1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

1981 Malvern Star SuperMaX

Another Classic Early 80's Australian BMX with all the good gear of the day.

I purchased this bike off eBay, it was faded red with gold accessories, decided to go with a white frame to match the red and blue ones I had already built.

Submitted by SLY LSX

  • Race
  • Company: Malvern Star
  • Model: SuperMaX
  • Wheel Size: 20"
  • Headtube size: 1"
  • Details This bike is built as close to possible to factory specs as below.

    Although they were never sold in the white with gold I quiet like the colours

    Every part has been restored by either powder coat, anodise or chromed.

    AME Tri Grips
    Alps Alloy Bars
    Nitto MX2 Stem
    Tange MX2 Head Set
    Tange 1200 Forks
    Araya 7X Rims 36H
    Suzue Hubs 36H
    Tange Seat Clamp
    Flutted Alloy Post
    Shimano Tourney Brakes
    Takagi MX 170mm x 24T Cranks
    Takagi 24T BB
    Takagi 44T Chain Wheel
    Takagi Chain Guard
    KKT Lightning Pedals
    Suntour Wheel Nuts
    Cat Eye RR250 Rear Reflector
    Cat Eye 46 deg Rear Reflector Bracket
    Cat Eye RR 570 Orange Wheel Reflectors
    Alloy Crane Bell
    Kenda Comp 3 Tyres
    Kashimax RS Seat (they were originally sold with quilted seats)

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