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1978 Malvern Star SuperMaX

1978 Malvern Star SuperMaX

This is a replica of the first BMX bike i  raced in Western Australia in 1979.

It's a Malvern Star Supermax manufactured in the suburb of Malvern, Victoria.

Here's the parts breakdown.
Blue Alps V-Bars.
Blue Foam Grips.
Shimano Blue pre bent lever R.
Shimano Tourney Blue R Brake caliper.
Blue brake cable.
Tegaki Tourney Blue nos 3 Piece cranks/chainring.
KKT rat-trap nos pedals.
Blue Suzue High Flange Hubs F&R.
Ukai Blue Rims.
Blue padded seat with diamond shape stitching.
Blue Fluted seatpole.
Blue Tange Seat clamp
Blue CompIII copy Tyres.
Polished MX2 Headstem. (swap for a Blue one)
Tange TX 1200 chrome forks
1/8 Shiny chain
44 / 16 Gearing.
Brown rear sprocket.

Submitted by TRUBLUEOZ