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Liquid Bikes (2009–2010)

"Liquid started as an idea among friends, riders, and an internet forum to offer riders a quality option in a 24 inch "freestyle" bmx cruiser frame. Most of the bmx cruisers available today have either bmx racing inspired geometry or a freakishly high bottom bracket. We love that there are a few companies who are actually taking the idea of a quality cruiser frame seriously... we just don't think they got it right.  So, we used our knowledge of bikes of all wheel sizes and asked riders what they wanted. The answer was short chain stays, a steeper head angle, a top tube long enough for big riders, and a bottom bracket that is higher than a normal race cruiser, but not so high to make it awkward and unstable. The result is the Liquid "Feedback" bmx cruiser frame, a frame designed directly from the feedback of serious riders."
Also, check out this video of me riding one of the prototypes.  It is seriously the best frame I have ever ridden...
Thanks again for the email and keep up the radness on the website!  Take care.

Jeremy Combs

Also, check the website..more info soon, and a bike too I hope!

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