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1984 Lee World MX Sport

1984 Lee World MX Sport

rare DB Pacer 500 loop-tail manufactured by Formosa

F404xxxx serial.  'LW' riveted head-badge.  'P' gusset.  Akisu forks with 4-holes.  Sugino set: cromo crank, chainring (44T), spider, 2 bolts (missing 3.)  '500' stamped on both dropout blades.  Chang Star cable guides.  VP 747 beartrap pedals.  Sachs PC51 chain.  Not sure how original the grips are (4-diamond row pattern) or the angled handlebars.  Stem is stamped "FORGED" underneath (anyone recognize?)  Shop stickers are from Bicycle Radness in Palmdale CA
Made in Taiwan (formerly Formosa).  Same manufacturer as Diamond Back, so was fabricated similar to the DB Pacer 500/SilverStreak model, with a 'P' gusset where the diamond would typically be, and with the '500' looptail dropouts.  (I guess the 'P' was for Pacer.)  Seems to have similar elements to the late 70's Panda frames...
Not too much documentation on the Lee World brand.  The company belonged to importer Bob Lee of LA California.  Looks like he imported several hundred of these frames, then went on to sell more MTBs and cruisers for some time after.  The website no longer working, so no quick path to more info.
Work in progress.  Mostly how I got it, then did some rust removal and prelim polishing.  (Fine-grain wool is next, then chain clean, lube around, then parts.)  Would like to get it back to OG, but hard to know what that is for sure.  If anyone has a picture of an original, please post!
There are several of this model out there.  "Lee World LW bmx Pacer 500 P in gusset DB" for anyone who lands here searching...
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