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Lawwill Knight Company(1978–1983)

Mert Lawwill

Mert has played a formidable role in introducing many key suspension concepts into the world of mountain biking. He is also one of the early pioneers in the off-road world, having introduced the first production mountain bike.

A former American Motorcycle Association Grand National Champion & member of Harley Davidson’s factory team for over a decade, Mert starred in the movie On Any Sunday, which would later give a boost to mountain bikes via BMX. In 1978, following a motorcycle-racing career that spanned over 20 years, Mert designed & began manufacturing the Lawwill/Knight Pro Cruiser. The following year Mert was producing 25 of these mountain bikes at a time. Pro Cruiser sales prospered until the arrival in 1982 of the Specialized Stumpjumper & Univega Alpina Pro, production bikes from overseas.