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Lairdframe (2014–2016)


My goal with Lairdframe is to make quality, custom one-off frames. There are a shit ton of good riders these days and not enough bike sponsors to go around. These really good riders don't support big brands (you know the brands I'm talking about, I've ridden for a handful of them myself). Riders buy from the core brands, which is awesome, but they rip off all the stickers. Core brands rely on image to sell their product. When you rip the stickers off, there's no image to be sold. Selling a brand through image doesn't work for me - never has. One minute you're hot, the next minute you're not.

I've been a professional bike rider for sixteen years now and I've seen so many images / styles / brands come and go. I'm not selling you a brand or an image. I'm selling you a frame that you design and customize yourself. Your own "signature" frame. Something I hope you're really proud of because when somebody asks where it came from, you'll be more than willing to tell them where to order one. You are your own image. I want to build a frame for you to express your image. 

Just wanted to go over what makes my frames different from everybody else. Anybody that has been riding a while knows that frames break on or around the welds, and if you don't know why, it's because of the weld. When welding thin gauge material it is critical not to overheat the base metal you're welding together. If you overheat the material you're welding you have weakened the molecular structure of that tubing. This is pretty easy to do on .035" wall tubing. It's been my main focus in starting my lairdframe project to produce the highest quality welds ever seen in the BMX market. My welding process costs about 3x more than the average welding procedure. Here's a list of processes that sets me apart from the others.

1. All my frames are back-purged with argon gas.

2. My argon gas is purified for x-ray quality welds. 3. I use a larger gas lens to help keep the metal cooler in the welding process.

My primary focus of lairdframe is the welding process, it's that simple.

The material I use to build my frames with is True Temper's BMX specific Supertherm double-butted tubing. The tubing has been heat-treated (air hardened). Average weight of a lairdframe is 4lbs. 5ozs. 


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